Akhal Teke | Studfarm Argamak

Welcome to the Argamak Studfarm

We are the first and – for the time being – the only breeder of pure-bred Akhal Teke sporthorses in The Netherlands.
The Akhal Tekes originated in Central Asia, mainly in areas that until recently were part of the Russian Empire/Soviet Union for over a century. You will find a more detailed account of the breed under the history page. Here is suffices to say that our studfarm is based on pure-bred bloodstock imported directly from well known studfarms in Turkmenistan as well as in Russia. Through close contact with the main Akhal Teke studbook in Russia we strive to maintain the purity and quality of the breed.
On other pages of this website you will read more about our horses and their achievements, and about the services, stallions and horses we have to offer.